PULSE Coordinator Interviewed on Biomedicine Unleashed Podcast

Lorenzo Moroni talked with students from the MERLN Institute about bioprinting for regenerative medicine, including how to use space to study the human heart.

Picture by Carlos Peniche Silva.

What does cooking have to do with regenerative medicine? According to PULSE coordinator Lorenzo Moroni, quite a lot. In this first episode of the MERLN Institute’s podcast, “Biomed Unleashed”, Moroni shares his insights into the history, misconceptions, and future of bioprinting for regenerative medicine with students Elisey Melnikov and Nika Cindori.

Together, students and expert, explored the peculiar conditions of space, like microgravity and high radiation, which help researchers have a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of tissue engineering. This means exploring new ways to regenerate tissues, especially when it comes to the heart.

“It is known that space really impacts the aging process of astronauts, so could I use the technology that I typically use for regenerative medicine to create a model for testing multiple aging conditions in space?” asked Lorenzo. “Studying aging on a small piece of heart tissue would be much easier!”

Moroni’s insights hint at a future where PULSE could lead the charge in understanding how cardiac tissues age, how the environment of space affects them, and how we can develop groundbreaking therapies.