Welcome to PULSE

A EU-funded project that aims to revolutionize the field of bioprinting and its application in space and on Earth.

Bioprinting for space exploration & medicine

PULSE provides a platform for advancing our knowledge of bioprinting and its application in the field of space exploration and medicine. With PULSE, we can improve the quality of life on Earth and make long-term space exploration a safer and more viable option.


PULSE is funded by the European Innovation Council’s under the Pathfinder Open which supports the exploration of bold ideas for radically new technologies. It welcomes the high-risk / high-gain and interdisciplinary cutting-edge science collaborations that underpin technological breakthroughs.

European Innovation Council. Founded by the European Union

Printing complex structures

PULSE brings forth a new paradigm in bioprinting technology, which will enable the generation of multi-tissue constructs that better represent organ structure and architecture.

Developing heart models

Our first application are 3D heart models to study the effects of the space environment and radiation on the heart

By providing a better understanding of heart physiology and pathology, PULSE model will pave the way for the development of timely prophylactic or therapeutic solutions for patients on Earth and astronauts during long-term manned missions.

Our potential








With the ultimate goal of improving human health and well-being both on Earth and in space.

Our goals

A new bioprinting technology combining magnetic and acoustic levitation for precise manipulation of biological materials

Generate realistic 3D cardiac models for a better understanding of hearth physiology and pathology

Study the effects of the space environment & radiation on the human heart

Drug testing in outer space

For the first time ever, PULSE will enable drug testing in the outer space

PULSE will prove the effects of several drugs with promising radio mitigative or radioprotective potential in the treatment of cardiac damage induced by cosmic radiation and microgravity.

Beyond the heart, as our testing bed for the new bioprinting technology, PULSE will lay the ground for studies in many other tissues/organs that are compromised on Earth and on the future long-term space missions


The PULSE project is a consortium of experts with complementary expertise on bioengineering, tissue engineering, cardiology, radiation biology, and drug development.

Such a multidisciplinary team is required for gaining access to front-line knowledge, biotechnologies, and market deployment.